Dishwasher Repairs Tips....


Bosch, Neff, Siemens not draining Error E24 E25

Its usually a blockage in the drain pump that can be done quite easily.

Lift out filter and bail out the bulk of the water in the bottom of the machine and the last drop with a sponge.

Prise the top of the white plastic cover out slightly and pull up. (click on picture for a better view)

You have now uncovered the pumps impeller and you can rotate it to see if its jammed and pick out any debris.

refit the cover and push down until it clicks into place before trying the machine.

Miele Dishwasher not draining, error code F11

Lift out filter and bail the water out with a beaker and sponge then squeeze the two tags together on the pump cover and move to the right and remove. (click on picture for a better view)

Then rotate the pump impeller and check for blockages and inside the cover where the steel ball bearing is.

Refit cover and try machine

More tips to follow soon...

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